Children should never have to worry about being cold, hurt, homeless or hungry. But many children in Missoula and surrounding areas have experienced this trauma.

Let us come together as a community and share in the wonder of this magical season.

Help us encourage a child’s imagination to believe reindeer can fly and a snowman can come alive with a magical top hat and glistening dust. Share in the happiness of catching a snowflake on your tongue. Help give a child hope when they look up at the night sky and say: “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight; wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

Please help us make a child’s wish come true this holiday season:

Every child’s wishlist had been fulfilled. If you would still like to help this holiday season, we would love gift cards for AMC Theatres, Westside Lanes, Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Costco and for Gas.

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Christine age 4 girl size 4 pant 4 shirt 9c shoe
Belle doll, Melissa, and Doug Pet Grooming, laugh and Learn Tea Set

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Alicia age 5 girl size 5 pant 5 shirt 10c shoe
Babydoll, dishes, Fur Real Dog

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Vanessa age 10 girl size 10 pant 10 shirt 4 shoe
Enchantimals Doll, Barbie car, Shopkins Airplane

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Maria age 13 girl size 5jr pant small shirt 7 shoe
Blow dryer, earrings, scented lotion

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Kathryn age 8 girl size 8 pant 8 shirt 2 shoe
Descendants Doll, Barbie Play Set, Play horse

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Allison age 12 girl size 12 pant 12 shirt 6 shoe
Craft kit, Brush set, manicure set

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Julie age 6 girl size 6 pant 6 shirt 11 shoe
LOL Doll, little pet shop, Batgirl on Wheels

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Anna age 14 girl size 7jr pant medium shirt 8 shoe
Curl iron, perfume, make-up

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Tara age 7 girl size 7 pant 7 shirt 12 shoe
Our Generations Doll, my little pony playset, Lori Camper

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Kyla age 12 girl size 12 pant 12 shirt 6 shoe
Hot rollers, watch, necklace

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Natalie age 13 girl size 9 pant large shirt 8 shoe
Boombox, cd case, nail polish

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Victoria age 9 girl size 10 pant 10 shirt 3 shoe
Lori Jet, Lori Doll, Lori Truck

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Jacob age 4 boy size 4 pant 4 shirt 8.5c shoe
Batman action man, little people farm, Thomas the train

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Stephen age 13 boy size 14 pant 14 shirt 8 shoe
Manly Necklace, k’nex, cologne

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Patrick age 6 boy size 6 pant 6 shirt 10.5c shoe
Thor action figure, hot wheels play set, monster truck

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Scott age 8 boy size 8 pant 8 shirt 3 shoe
Transformer action man, Ben 10 Watch, matchbox play set

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Nathan age 14 boy size 30×30 pant large shirt 9 shoe
Wallet, sweatbands, Model Plane

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Paul age 5 boy size 5 pant 5 shirt 11 shoe
Captain America Action Figure, Woodzee Owl House, Woodzee Bobble Heads

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Sean age 13 boy size 16 pant 16 shirt 7 shoe
Sleeping bag, tent, camp chair

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Travis age 9 boy size 8 pant 8 shirt 4 shoe
Batman action man, Legos, Nerf Basketball Hoop

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Zachary age 12 boy size 12 pant 10 shirt 6 shoe
Art Set, Alarm Clock, Super Wubble Brite

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Dustin age 10 boy size 10 pant 10 shirt 5 shoe
Hot wheels cars, DC Heroes watch, Army Action Figure

Wishlist has been fulfilled! Gregory age 11 boy size 12 pant 12 shirt 7 shoe
Bey Blade arena, Beyblades, Pokémon Cards

Wishlist has been fulfilled!  Kenneth age 7 boy size 7 pant 7 shirt 1 shoe
Superman action man, paw patrol play set, Star Wars Air Craft

*Presents can be dropped off at our Buckhouse Location (4978 Buckhouse Lane) anytime M-F between 9am4pm. We ask that presents are here no later than Dec. 19th.