The Children

From the moment a child steps through our door, they are welcomed into a safe, nurturing, comfortable home. Each child receives a handmade blanket and stuffed animal of their very own to snuggle with. They are introduced to other children, given a tour of the home and shown their new bedroom. The shelter is filled with books, toys, games and comfortable furnishings. Our dedicated staff seeks to meet each child’s specific needs and ensures that every child receives the support, nurturing and respect they deserve.

Our two shelters are designed to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for children. Some have never had a bedroom, never eaten a true family meal, and never had toys or art supplies. Many children arrive at the shelter without shoes, proper clothing, often with poor health and hygiene. Thanks to the generous support of our community, we are able to provide children with a complete wardrobe, shoes, toiletries, and other essentials. We provide them with nourishing meals and everything they need to experience and enjoy childhood. They have their own beds, a place for their belongings, rooms for play, crafts, dining and learning. Each child is connected to medical, dental, optical, therapeutic and educational resources in our community. This includes a visit to the dentist, as many children have never received dental care. They continue to attend the same school if they are from Missoula or are enrolled into a local school. Our beautiful shelters have backyards with playgrounds, bicycles, and space to run and play. Most importantly, Watson Children’s Shelter provides a safe place to be a child.