Some of the experiences that the children may take away with them when they leave Watson Children’s Shelter include swimming lessons, attending Grizzly football and basketball games, having fun at Splash Montana and Currents, attending MCT musicals, riding the Carousel for Missoula, hiking and camping trips, trips to museums, bowling, and going to the movies.

Every child who walks through our door experiences support from a caring, professional staff, in a safe, structured and friendly homelike environment.

Every Child Receives: Every Child is Taught:
• Staff support, guidance and individualized care • Skills in basic hygiene
• Clothing, shoes, and all necessities • Responsibility and accountability
• Age appropriate toys • Table manners
• A handmade blanket • Social skills
• Recreational and cultural opportunities • Natural consequences
• Help with homework • Appropriate dress
• A birthday party with presents and cake • Courtesy and respect for self and others
• Celebration of Holidays • Positive ways to handle conflict
• An exciting summer program • To enjoy being a child